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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 13:20

#DanceinNYC Day 3 - Farewell!!!

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Well, yesterday was a great day!  We got back to Greensboro at about 7:30 pm last night and Shane and I went on and dropped off the van rentals, then headed home.  Boy was I tired.  But on to how our last day went:


We all felt confident in navigating the city and our groups were much smaller -- everyone was trying to get check off the last things on their lists of must see and must do in NYC.  My husband and I got up to visit a church called Journey Church in the Hotel Pennsylvania right across the street from Madison Square Gardens...anytime we go to a new city, we love to go check out churches and meet new people.  Two more accompanied us there.


After church, we got ready to go see the statue of liberty while others went on to explore the city or take dance classes at Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, and Alvin Ailey.  Most the younger children and their parents went to the Statue of Liberty and myself and my husband.  We went to wait for the train and it took way longer than expected because of construction.  The train finally came, but I was worried we wouldn't make it to the ferry in time to take it to the Statue of Liberty.  Then, we learned we needed to be in the first five cars of the train to get off at the South Ferry stop.  We were in the last car!  So when the train stopped at Rector St we had to run to the front of the train to get in the right cars.  With 9 people this was quite frantic! LOL!  We all made it onto the front of the train safely and got off at the South Ferry with only 8 minutes to get to the Statue of Liberty Ferry.


We all went running through Battery Park...just to get into a very long line and then we realized, that 1:00 pm we the check in time...not the time the ferry leaves.  So we all relaxed, looked out at the water while we were in line and listened to the sounds of a man with a ukelele singing.  He noticed how we were enjoying him and he asked us where we were from.  We said North Carolina...he then sang an impromtu song and mentioned the Tarheels, Demon Deacons, and Wolfpack as well as Winston-Salem, Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh...no mention of Greensboro ☹ Then he noticed one of our dance "nanas" as we've affectionately called her this weekend and said "I noticed your not wearing a ring" then sang a song to her.  She was grinning from cheek to cheek and took out a fan and started fanning herself.  The kids thought this was hilarious, and her granddaughter was utterly embarrassed.  LOL!!


So we finally boarded the ferry and crossed the harbor to get to the Statue of Liberty.  It was very relaxing and calming to rock on the boat.  We docked and went towards the Statue.  There were 2 options - take 195 steps to the pedastal or take the elevator.  Shane and myself decided to do the stairs...mind you I'm still sore from yesterday's class! All the kids - 5 total - decided to go with us.  I told them okay, once we start there's no going back!!  We all made it to the top and met up with the parents and nana then walked outside and saw NYC from afar.  It was breathtaking.  We stood there and took several pictures, then came back down, bought some souvenirs, then caught the ferry back to the city.


It was 5 pm and just a few more hours left in the city.  We all went our separate ways to explore and do our last minute things.  Our group venture to Times Square to look around and shop.  I finally got a slice of NYC pizza and devoured it.  Then later we ate at Stardust Restaurant.  This was a cool place.  The servers must audition to work there and then during their shift they sing and perform for everyone.  The servers were all wonderful and we had a great time.  After that we headed back to the hotel and just soaked in the weekend chatting about our adventures.


This trip was truly a great experience!  I'm so thankful to Mel Wathen for giving me a call to encourage us to come.  I am so glad we had such an amazing, adventurous group.  This was a great trip and I'm looking forward to planning our trip to Philadelphia, PA!  Their dance scene is a lot different, but I think just as amazing.  Until next time...


- Princess

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