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Friday, 03 July 2015 23:34

Let's get back to putting students first

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I got an email today from a parent who had no idea Misty Copeland came 

to Greensboro. This is actually about the 10th time I've had this.  It's

upsetting when someone emails me or calls me and tells me they didn't know.
We sent out 124 personal invitations via mail and email as well as made a
personal call to several dance companies and studios across North Carolina. 




This was a great opportunity for aspiring dancers, yet people let their pride and

competitive mindsets get in the way of extending a once in a lifetime experience

to their students.  We are a community organization.  We want to connect our

community to professional dance.  We have no desire to steal students...we just

want to help dancers in our region broaden their experience and resume so that

they can have a fighting chance in the professional dance world.  



Also, the more we don't support these artists when they come to our area, the less

they will come.  Word travels...no one wants to come to a place that people show

a lack of interest and support of one another and their industry.  Just something to

think about for all the dance professionals out there.  If this is really your passion

and your really are a professional, then please do not be afraid to share a wonderful

opportunity and experience with your students.  They will appreciate it and benefit from it.



With that said, North Carolina, let's redeem ourselves.  Alicia Graf Mack - former lead dancer for Alvin Ailey and ballerina at Dance Theatre of Harlem will be here July 31 and August 1 teaching master classes.  Tickets can be purchased at http://tinyurl.com/reboxoffice Please share and support dance in NC.  Also, if you have anything coming up and going on, please share with me.  I love to support dance across our state and beyond 		</div>

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