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School of Dance

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Thank you for your interest in our dance school where the student comes first!  We are located at 1220-E Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27408.  Below is pertinent information that we believe every dance school should have available for you. 

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For registration information and any questions about dance classes please contact Princess Howell Johnson at 336-944-6146 or fill out this form.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Our Philosophy:  Dance is a beautiful art form that has the ability to develop a person physically, emotionally, and intellectuall5 - 7 ballet echeppey.  We believe every student can benefit from dance on stage and off stage.  We want everyone to have an opportunity to experience dance and become inspired by it

Our Mission: Our school focuses on developing professional level dance technique as well as an appreciation and love for dance in a fun environment.  Students will continue to pursue professional careers and/or become advocates and supporters of professional dance and the arts as a result of attending our school. 

All of the classes are taught by Princess Howell, the Founding Director of the dance company, Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet company members, or teachers with field experience.  We guarantee smaller classes, which means more one on one time with each student.    

Schedule a free class demonstration today! We would love to meet you and/or your child to discuss our curriculum and find the best fit for you!  We encourage you to come try out one class and observe our teaching methods and effectiveness.  Please call 336-944-6146. 

The Curriculum & Teaching Methods

We believe Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz are the foundations of a successful dance career and have developed the Royal Expressions Curriculumâ„¢ that puts a major emphasis on training in these three styles as well as tap and hip hop in order to develop well-rounded dance students for professional dance careers.  The school teaches ages 10 months to adults.  Our toddler program uses creative movement and pre-ballet principles to give your child a head start in dance.  Technique classes focus on developing professional level technique and performances as well as promote professional dance as a career option.  Adult classes focus on developing an appreciation and love of dance because of the positive physical, mental, and emotional impact it can have on an individual.  To learn more about adult dance classes click here.   Please call 336-944-6146 or click here for the current class schedule.

Music & Costumes

Our music is carefully chosen to enhance and accent movement for excellent performance.  We ensure we are playing clean music with appropriate lyrics, yet enjoyable for the dancers. We do not have separate costume fees and find it important that we choose modest, appropriate costumes.  The beauty of dance is in the movement, not the costume.

Dress Code 

All students enrolled in the Royal Expressions School of Dance, are required to wear our established dress code and order items direct from our school.  We have chosen dancewear that is affordable and durable.  We require a dress code for safety, professionalism, and uniformity.  

Tuition Information

Tuition may be paid monthly, by trimester, or the full year. Tuition covers the cost of technique classes, costume, and recital fees.  There are no refunds for advance payment missed classes. Make up classes are the parent's responsibility to schedule within one month.  Please click here for the detailed tuition fee list.

We also offer private and group dance lessons

For registration information and any questions about dance classes please contact Princess Howell Johnson at 336-944-6146.