About Us

Dance that Inspires

Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit dance production company located in Greensboro, NC.  We create original dance productions featuring new works from Resident Choreographers, Princess Johnson, Willie Hinton, April Schweitzer, and Amma Waddell as well as guest choreographers. 

We provide quality dance education for ages 2-adult in many disciplines such as Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Through our outreach program, RE-OPEN (Royal Expressions Outreach Program and Education Network) we aim to serve at risk youth and the elderly as a therapeutic measure.

Mission Statement:

To inspire good character, promote healthy living, and foster community through programs that celebrate the love and joy of dance

Vision Statement:

Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet is an innovative dance production company that attracts students and audiences from around the globe. We are a school that professionally trains the whole dancer in an array of genres of dance, which empowers them for leadership roles in their chosen path. We partner with organizations to make dance accessible to all.

Values Statement

1) Inspiration – we believe our efforts should stem from a greater purpose that drives individuals to improve themselves, do good, be kind, and encourage others to do the same.

2) Community– we serve and support under-represented communities and strive to eliminate barriers that make dance inaccessible, while building our own community within.

3) Education – we are committed to seeking opportunities to develop our knowledge, skills, and abilities to continue to be an effective and influential part of our community.

4) Communication – effective and open communication with our constituents is important so that we remain in tune with the needs and wants of the community we serve.

5) Partnerships – we believe in collaboration and proactively seeking strong partnerships to work together for the greater good of the community.

6) Diversity – we believe diversity is key to learning about people, understanding where they come from, and living harmoniously with one another.  It goes beyond what people look like, but also includes being respectful and accommodating of varying viewpoints, workstyles, abilities, and lifestyles.

7) Environmental Responsibility – we believe we have a responsibility to do our part to take care of the earth.  We recycle, reduce waste, and reuse what we can when we can. 

8) Mental & Physical Wellbeing – we believe one’s mental and physical wellbeing are key ingredients to a long, successful life. We encourage our constituents to find work and life balance, eat healthily, and exercise regularly.

meet our founder

Princess Howell Johnson

Founding Director

Princess Johnson is an international dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur, and motivator. Her parents always sought out opportunities for her and her siblings to get on stage and use their talents. Princess always seemed to like dance the best, so she took a few lessons as a child, but most of her experience has been in choreography. She has choreographed dances since she was eight years old!

Princess continued to pursue her passion and developed her dance technique training by completing a dance degree at UNCG along with her Business degree as well as an internship with the Richmond Ballet in Richmond, VA. She taught classes at Triple Threat Dancenter in Winston-Salem and High Point and then went on to establish Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet in 2009. Princess has choreographed four original ballets, has taught hundreds of students, and even led a team to bring world renowned ballerina, Misty Copeland to Greensboro, NC. In 2015 she hosted Alicia Graf Mack of Alvin Ailey for 31 choreography project.  In 2017, Princess Johnson created the Dancing Dreamers Curriculum which has grown tremendously and also became certified as an American Ballet Theater National Training Curriculum teacher for teaching Ballet.

Princess had the pleasure of traveling to Nairobi, Kenya is the summer of 2018 to share her love and joy of dance with the children of Kibera and other parts of Kenya.  She is a visionary and truly believes in the power of never losing your momentum. In her spare time Princess enjoys being the wife of Shane Johnson, Pastor of The Lighthouse in Greensboro; taking walks; and reading books to continue to learn how to balance her work and personal life. You can keep  up with her through her blog at http://princessjlovesballet.wordpress.com or follow her on Facebook and Instagram @princessjlovesballet.