dancing dreamers

about dancing dreamers

Dancing Dreamers is an outreach program to help children ages 9 – 14 years realize their dreams through dance.  Through the discipline of dance training our program will allow children to express themselves, dig deep, discover their deepest desires, and create dances that embody their dreams. 

Through this program we strive to break barriers of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness.  Often children in low-income and impoverished families repeat the cycle of poverty due to the inability to envision their lives better. 

Through dance, we will help children use their imaginations and creativity to envision a new path for their lives. Get more information here!


Dream Hub

Dream Hubs are host sites for our Dancing Dreamers programs. If you serve youth ages 9 - 14 years then we want to partner with you!

Contact us to become a Dream Hub today!

Dream Keeper

Dream Keepers are facilitators of the Dancing Dreamers Curriculum. We offer an online and in-person training so you can incorporate this into your teaching style. Sign up and start changing lives today!

Dream Maker

Dream Makers make dreams happen by volunteering or funding this program. There three ways to make dreams come true.